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Winner Loyalty My friends are the best in the world and my family are the greatest in the universe my loyalty doesn’t stop there, there’s a place for my better half…We aren’t bothered about public staring at us I believe they’ll be staring at us because we are so beautiful together or what a lucky fella you are Discounted TV Discounted TV license for us! Guaranteed Life is too short to row Make love, not war.Or, if I maybe so a forward, we’ll have a memorable first dance… You’ll never forget me How can you possibly forget a gal in a wheelchair with crazy hair who goes around proclaiming to be a Wonder Woman I’m ambitious I got plans..

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A few years ago, I used to blog under a different account, It was general ramblings about the things that entered my head, nobody really read it, or took much notice. Wheelchairs are far more superior and don’t have wonky wheeels!

Best Seat in the House So your new girl is Disabled, . Not only that but if she loves music like I do, you will go to gigs. On the cabbage patch is where you will sit, closer than ever to the stage with handy access to the bar! Always smiling, always polite Your Mother is going to Love Me….

Water fights Bizarre as this may may sound but according to government Disabled People are exempt from hose pipe bands. Because racing trolleys in the Supermarket at 2am when drunk is so last season…

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