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A young Republican who grew up in a conservative household, Rachel’s major storyline during this politically-heated season was her interaction with Pedro.She functioned as an audience surrogate as she slowly warmed up to Pedro and his AIDS diagnosis.

From the season premiere onwards, she was at the center of a love triangle with fellow castmates Colie and Alex.

His natural charisma greatly aided him in his work as an educator on the disease, and he even entered into a commitment ceremony with a young man named Sean Sasser, which was filmed for the show.

Some might argue that politicians have long taken the route “to find out what happens... and start getting real...” Two alumni of MTV’s “The Real World” are working on entering the hallowed halls of government.

Having ended her engagement to her fiancé to pursue her career, much of Shauvon’s story during this Aussie-set season focuses on her attempts at becoming a successful journalist.

She even writes her own dating and relationship column titled Half-Cuban half-Puerto Rican JD worked as a dolphin trainer at Sea World.

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Don't Tyara, Mike, Robbie, Jordan, Katrina, Anika and Theo look oh so chummy? Meanwhile, a separate group -- consisting of the crew's exes, rivals, frenemies and estranged family members -- are going to surprise the guys and gals and will promptly move into their house.

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