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In todays world of candid photos, phone-cameras, etc, we are used to pictures of people in the most varied compositions.

So if you want to crop closely, or compose in a non-traditional manner, its perfectly OK.

It is always a good compositional suggestion to leave a comfortable amount of room for your subject to look into.

This months lesson should be our last one on portraits before we move on to the figure!Remember, you can work at your own pace, so if you are just joining us for the first time, or still working on previous lessons, thats fine! Lesson 1 started with eyes and noses and can be found here: t=532971 Lesson 2 covered mouths, ears and hair, and can be found here: Lesson 3 was all about measuring, and can be found here: To blend or soften edges adjacent to the background, you need some background color to be in place - especially where hair and background overlap.Any part of the sitter that is adjacent to the background should look like it is in front of the background.

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