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The platform still thrives as a popular place to make new friends, and hosts a variety of free chat rooms that cover common interests like location, language, and fun pop trends like Pokémon.Find out more by checking out Meet New Friends in ICQ Chat Rooms on the Messaging Channel.Mobile chat from your apple iphone or tablet, any android phone or device can be used in our mobile chatrooms.Very easy to use our chat rooms on any mobile device.You should be 18 or plus to use our dating service.

To start dating its quite simple register, login, search profile, send messages, recieve messages and make new friends.

Rawr is a free service, however there is the option to buy items in the "mall" which allow you to customize your avatar even further.

Check out our write-up on Rawr in our article about the future of messaging apps, and visit Rawr Messenger to download the app and set up your avatar!

Whether your jam be cooking, sewing, writing, computer programming or painting, there is a community on Twitch of like-minded people that you can connect with.

Twitch offers a very entertaining experience, enabling the user to watch someone practicing their craft (cooking a recipe, for instance), and chat via a robust and easy-to-use chat interface with other viewers.

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