Dating of the book of job

With Job, we return to the beginning of history, when mortals first struggled to know God and understand the world.

If Ezekiel knew of Job through the biblical book, then it would be pre-exile. Such precise repetition of phrases and reapplication of biblical thought indicates that the poet had access to these writings, though again it cannot be certain in what form they existed.

Attempts have been made to date Job on the basis of theological development within the Scriptures. Some have suggested, therefore, that the theological questions addressed in Job, and the use of Scripture in the book, indicate a time for the composition approximating Ezekiel’s, but confidence in such a conclusion is hard to come by.

Job has been viewed as an elaborate (type of commentary) on Deuteronomy 28, or as an effort to apply a discussion of the problem of suffering for the nation (such as that depicted in Isaiah) to the individual. The author uses a lot of vocabulary with meanings known in later Hebrew.

The ESVSB suggests the date to be after the destruction of Jerusalem (587 BC). Now, later in the introductory material, the ESVSB does state “The events of the book seem to be set in the time of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” I have personally that Job lived before Moses because he is performing his own sacrifices.

The NLTSB does a good job bolstering this possibility by considering the age of Job and the type of money used. They simply do not overlap in their information and give the student a wide range of information to draw conclusions about the scriptures.

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