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Belbin and Agosto qualified for the 2002 Olympics by placing second at U. championships, but were not able to go because Belbin was not an American citizen.Because Belbin started the citizenship process before new rules went into effect, her citizenship would not have been completed before 2007. By this logic, Belbin and Agosto had earned their own spots.After a decade-long stay in Detroit, the most celebrated ice dancing team in U. history decided to hit the road and train in a small town outside of Philadelphia: Aston, Pa.The 2006 Olympic silver medalists -- once guests on "The Tonight Show" and the toast of the skating world -- found themselves apart from family.

They had early success, winning the bronze at World Juniors in their first competitive season.

“Obviously [Meryl and I] get a lot of questions about whether the two of us are dating, and that’s a good thing, because that means we’re doing our job out on the ice.

Meryl and I are oftentimes trying to portray people who are in love.

Belbin and Agosto, therefore, focused more on Nationals and Worlds, winning Nationals four times, and earning the silver at Worlds going into the Olympics. But the point was moot after Mitchell and his partner Loren Galler-Rabinowitz placed ninth at U. championships, nowhere near earning a spot on the World team.

Fans of Belbin and Agosto wrote letters and signed petitions asking for a special act of Congress to let Belbin become a citizen in time for her to compete at the 2006 Winter Olympics, where many believed they could medal. The mother of fellow American ice dancer David Mitchell believed that it was unfair to bend the rules for Belbin.[1] Supporters pointed out that the U. had three dance team spots at the Olympics only because Belbin and Agosto had earned the third spot by medalling at the 2005 World Championships. However, by a special act of Congress on December 28, 2005, which President George W.

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For much of that time, they had achieved a type of success that no American ice dancing team had ever believed was possible.

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