Updating tables within cursor loop

Search Cursor("gk25") # defines rows variable, which comes from Search Cursor function fields = arcpy.

Search Cursor("gk25") # cursor loops through feature class for row in cursor: rows = arcpy.

tl Out = TL () fc = "Kutak" # defines fc variable as the "Kutak" layer with

So, when the program goes back to Line 13 to read the next row in the CURSOR, the program blows up, because it is trying to read something which isn't there. So, when we ROLLBACK, this COMMIT(Line 6) 'saves' the CURSOR.

Without the VERSION information, the report of a bug or the description of a technical feature or a problem is lessened in value to the community. it is possible to nest 2 cursor an find the number of rows for each cursor. Here are detailed instructions: Store a string composed of the department ID and the major description in the MESSAGES table (separate the two with an asterisk (*) symbol by using the concat function).

Your MESSAGES table should contain 16 records and look similar to the following: BUS*Marketing COM*Communications CS*Computer Networking */-- Drop Procedure DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS get_major_info_for_all_dept; DELIMITER //-- Create procedure get_major_info_for_all_dept()CREATE PROCEDURE get_major_info_for_all_dept()BEGINDECLARE dept_id VARCHAR(3) ; DECLARE major_description VARCHAR(50) ; DECLARE concat_description VARCHAR(60); DECLARE flag1 VARCHAR(5) DEFAULT ' START' ; DECLARE flag2 VARCHAR(5) DEFAULT ' START' ;-- Declare cursor for outside looping purpose to get all departments from the dept table DECLARE get Dept CURSOR FORSELECT deptid FROM dept ORDER BY deptid;--Declare cursor for getting each and every major description of each department.

CREATE PROCEDURE get_major_info_for_all_dept()INSERT INTO messages SELECT CONCAT(dept.deptid, '*', major.description)FROM dept JOIN major ON dept.deptid = major.dept_id Are you looking for an alternative cursor traversal code template in which there is no loop control variable (like "done") and no label (like "My Label:") ? id=186 This method is stored function safe, even when nested into each other.

(Like Function A calls Function B; both using cursors) -- Initialise cursor OPEN cursor40201; -- USE BEGIN-END handler for cursor-control within own BEGIN-END block BEGIN DECLARE EXIT HANDLER FOR NOT FOUND BEGIN END; -- Loop cursor throu users of group LOOP -- Get next value FETCH cursor40201 INTO ; -- Add update useracls IF (SELECT libcrm_user_updateeffective(id User U0204)) In response to Alexander Pelov's situation...

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We've got a problem concerning an ORA-01002 error in a PL/SQL block.

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