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Hamsters are nocturnal, which means they’ll sleep during the day and will be active at night – this is great if you’re at school or at work, because they won’t even miss you. Hamsters do not really make good pets for small children.Their hours of activity don’t fit in with patterns of a young child and it is unfair to expect hamsters (or children! Hamsters are also very small and fragile and small children can often be a little rough, resulting in the hamster being fearful of being handled.Overal zijn gouden punten verstopt in deze Harry de Hamster spellen.

To help keep your Hamster’s teeth healthy, you need to provide lots of hay and perhaps a gnawing block and safe twigs to chew, such as apple, hazel or willow.You can only carry one item at a time and Harry runs on a limited supply of energy, so you must remember which item you need, take it and deliver it as soon as possible to retrieve the golden wheel fragments.While playing , watch out for badgers, rats and other animals that will make you lose energy. If you lose you will want to keep on trying until navigating around the maze is as easy as breathing.Op Funny vind je de leukste verzameling Harry de Hamster spelletjes!Je vindt hier maar liefst 3 verschillende Harry de Hamster spelletjes, zoals bijvoorbeeld Harry de Hamster 2 & Harry de Hamster 1.

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