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A graduate of the University of Southern California, he has been a Certified Public Accountant for over twenty-five years, initially as an auditor with KPMG LLP and from there in financial executive roles for companies of up to 0 million annual sales.

In 2008 Kevin was married to Dorsie Henderson in the Utah St.

Together, Sarah and Brandon find joy in their relationships with one another, the Savior and their friends and family.

A native Kansan and a convert to the Church at age 18, Chris served a mission in the Japan Tokyo North Mission.

The president of North Star is appointed by the Board of Directors every two years, in conjunction with our annual North Star Conference, and a new Executive Committee is reconstituted under the direction of the new president.

Greg Harris began his tenure as President in April 2016.

While at BYU she has developed a passion for serving and has had several opportunities to do so, most recently within North Star as a chairperson on the Fireside committee, serving along side her husband, in which she found great fulfillment expanding firesides to communities beyond the Wasatch Front.

Sarah was also the Circling the Wagons Conferences 2016 Co-Coordinator where she was able to apply her great desire to provide spaces for open, authentic and respectful dialogue for all those who find themselves involved in the LGBTQ conversation along every spectrum of opinion.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Financial Planning and Counseling and was recruited to work at a financial planning firm in Modesto, California in 1986.

The following are some of those who assist in realizing the vision of North Star.

The Executive Committee oversees the daily execution of North Star’s mission.

When a girl from Montana claimed his heart, they married in the St. They live in Kansas City where they’re raising their four sons.

Chris strives to live by the principle that “kindness begins with me” and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to living a happy, authentic life.

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