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But if I say estoy chateando, they know immediately.

For more information on the Blue Ridge Thunder "Safe Surfin'" educational program, call the Bedford County Sheriff's Office at 540-586-7715 or link to When Watson goes online posing as a young girl, he is immediately besieged with messages.

I thought I first spotted chatear in Central America and added it to Wiktionary but when I was looking for these words I didn't see it so I assumed I had imagined it and didn't include it in my question. Aha it is in Wiktionary after all - looks like I did pick it up in Honduras (-:sala de conversación gets ~170,000 Google hits, sala de charla gets ~1,710,000, and sala de plática gets ~387,000. All the variants with salón in place of sala exist but get a lot fewer hits. Voz tomada del inglés chat (‘charla’), que significa ‘conversación entre personas conectadas a Internet, mediante el intercambio de mensajes electrónicos’ y, más frecuentemente, ‘servicio que permite mantener este tipo de conversación’.

Es voz masculina y su plural es chats (→ plural, 1h): «Los españoles se conectan a los chats una media de 6,3 días al mes» (Teknokultura [P. Es anglicismo asentado y admisible, aunque se han propuesto sustitutos como cibercharla o ciberplática (→ ciber-).

He drove them back to Philadelphia where he kept them for three days. Continue to Catching A 'Traveler' to learn how investigators made an arrest.

Other online-overtures are also busy creating the illusion of a maximal availability of never-ending supplies of alternative partners and in that way secretly, clandestinely and through the back door undermine actual relationships.

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A tempting opportunity to thumb one’s nose at every day’s stress.

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