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XD I like the cut-scenes in this game, much better than the ones in Bitcher, Jordan 500, ect. Game walkthrough You stand in front of her house, taking it in. You have a nice figure." She waits for you to leave so she can go back to watching Spanish Dancing with the Stars and their Pets. - right "We should keep talking." She slurps up and so do you. You won`t do it." - right Try to get them to do more sexual things to each other.I thought it was a little lacking in the endings and a little too easy to arrive at those endings but overall I`d give it a 8 out of 10. it was fun, innovative and i like how the sims 2 engine was implented in this too. You copy and pasted the first comment from two years ago just to get your ex points. The drinks are strong and it won`t take long for both of you to start feeling the effects. Pull Larissa aside Pull Dina aside Suggest that they have more to drink - right They fill their cups and get their drink on. I`ve been asking the creator of this game to add a threesome already. " "Let`s play a stripping game." - right "So when did you two start hooking up? " "One where you both strip for me and I watch." "You girls are very naughty." "What kind do you want to play?A date with Larissa turned into a wild night of sex and debauchery with both her and roommate Dina, and you scored with both at the same time. Alcohol and dice led to a kinky stripping game where they both had to get naked in front of you.

For example, "Larisa Kisa Larisa" is seeking "Marriage".

there are 2 best endings, the threeway and public sex in the park... In fact, it`s really about time we did this." - right "I love your big breasts Larissa, do you have a nick name or should I call you Larry for short?

to get the threeway u have to be lucky, when ur rolling the dice, the results are random, and u have to keep ur boxers on until they`re both naked, then they`ll take u upstairs and rock ur world... Do you: Walk up to the front door - right Walk up to the window She lets you in and you enter. " Dina says, "Nice to meet you." "My pleasure." - right "My pleasure.

is there anyway this could be played as a popout window so you can see the whole image with text. " Tell them to kiss - right Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy Tell them to 69 Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy - right Tell them to 69 Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches Join in on the fun Tell them to 69 - right Join in on the fun - right Do something else Tell them to switch - right Do something else Tell them to kiss Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy Tell them to 69 Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches - right Call it a night Tell them to kiss Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy Tell them to 69 Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches Call it a night - right Even though the graphics aren`t the best this game is just awesome. in a real world most people don`t just jump in bed together on first meetings stretch out some games like the sim girl 100 day all endings are A- ..

The story is good and has some funny parts and a lot of different endings. (btw there is a threesome ending if you haven`t read the other comments) I actually played through this game multiple times. could have used a 3 date set up before they had sex.. To get the threesome you need to get to the point where your playing the strip game with them and you have to end with them naked and with yourself with at least some part of clothing on (it seems to be random on the outcomes). THE GRAPHICS ARE VERY COOL-ESPECIALLY THE VIDEOS.great game!

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