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The nucleus was removed from each egg, which were then fused with the donor cells using electricity.The fused cells developed into embryos, which were then implanted into a surrogate mother.Genetic engineering enables individuals to change viruses so that they can more easily introduce DNA into cells of more complex organisms, creating more complex and advanced recombinant DNA.Human Genome Project The human genome project aims to find the location of all of these genes on the human chromosomes and the base sequence of all of the DNA that makes them up.One can replicate specific sequences of the DNA by utilizing specific primers in the replication process.

The sequencing of the entire human genome will make it easier to study how genes control human development.

It will allow easier identification of genetic diseases and the production of new drugs bases on DNA base sequences of genes or the structure of proteins coded for by these genes.

It is estimated that the project could contain anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 different individual genes.

Bacteria produce restriction enzymes for the purpose of seeking out and destroying bacteriophage DNA.

Researchers use these restriction enzymes to cut DNA at specific points, called palindromes, into manageable segments.

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This occurs at a rate which is constant, therefore we can use radioactive emissions of once-living matter and compare it to living ones.

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