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Для согласия с вышеприведенной информацией, подтвердите свою дату рождения и нажмите кнопку ВОЙТИ. – Shemale Android Sex Sirens • Writer's Commentary Sarina Valentina – S. If you ask Suki and Brian Dunham, the married founders of the sex toy company Oh Mi Bod, involving technology in our sex lives can be a glorious game-changer for anyone — the single, the newly smitten, the monogamous, the polyamorous, the long-distance lovebirds.Which is why these sorts of apps and gadgets are increasingly mainstream, Suki Dunham said, and no longer just for experimental adventurers.But what makes TASL different is its promise of heightened human connection — using technology to bridge the same emotional distance technology can create . ), the program aims to normalize the role of technology in all aspects of one's sex life.By linking a vibrator to an app that can be controlled from far, can track your Kegel muscle exercises and can send banal intimacy-encouraging calendar reminders (Cuddle with your boyfriend! Imagine what this could do for long-distance relationships, Brian Dunham added.So Oh Mi Bod's sex toys aren't just sex toys, she said, but another part of a healthy lifestyle: "Just like eating well and exercising, a healthy sex life and having orgasms should be part of that overall picture."After all, our devices follow us into our private moments anyway — how many couples have lain beside each other in bed with their eyes glued to their Instagram and Twitter feeds?

Стоимость разного рода «фишек» будет равняться двум тысячам долларов.

"Think about that Marine soldier overseas, wanting to somehow intimately connect with his partner or his wife, and that's super, super important," he said.

There will soon be other perks, too, said Laura Berman, an author and relationship expert who has studied the future of sex and technology.

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