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Even the Cleverbot site warns that “Cleverbot learns from people — things it says may seem inappropriate — use with discretion and at YOUR OWN RISK.” Sick of online dating, but can’t afford a personal matchmaker? Bubby is a human-AI hybrid dating service that uses a chatbot to understand what you’re looking for in a partner and manage your busy dating life.A companion app offers up curated matches and lets you swipe just like in regular dating apps.

Most people in this situation will “ghost” the undesired party, i.e. Ghosting is unpleasant for both the ghoster and the ghostee.If you own an Amazon Echo, Pickup Lines is an Alexa Skill that teaches you epic one-liners to get a laugh out of of that cute guy or gal you’re eyeing.Just say “Alexa, ask Pickup Lines for a line”, and you’ll get cheesy goodies such as “Is that a cell phone in your back pocket?Freud says we humans only have two drives in life: the desire for greatness and the desire for sex.So are we really surprised that sex and dating bots are among the first applications of chatbot technology?

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