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That's the truth, especially when you put on your pretty smile, a sexy red halter dress, and hope for the best on your first date with Mr. You think everything is going well, and then you never hear from him again, or the next guy, or the next guy. Instead of placing the blame on the guys, consider that maybe the problem is how you communicate.

Perhaps what you say doesn't always match how you feel.

You can have fun when you're getting to know a new man, but you don't want to confuse him.

When he throws you the verbal communication ball, make sure to throw it back.

Here are some of the basics about non-verbal communication that you should know about.Forceful actions can provide the hint if your date is serious about something.You put the actions together with the words your date is saying and you can get what he or she is trying to accentuate. Body language can also help tell you if your date is telling you lies.Body language can reinforce what your date is saying.Reading it non-verbal cues correctly can help give you some reassurance of what your date is trying to say. Body language can also help indicate the seriousness of what your date is trying to tell you.

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