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Cartman is unable to wait three weeks until the Nintendo Wii console is released.

In an attempt to enter cryonic suspension, he buries himself in the snow at the top of Mount Elbert, with help from Butters. Garrison resists being forced to teach the school's evolution curriculum.

Joseph often goes crazy on twitter during NHL and NFL games.

He gained popularity after releasing the album "Dream Big" in 2012.

The 151st episode of the series overall, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on November 1, 2006.

The episode is the first in a two-part story arc, which concludes with "Go God Go XII".

However, they had essentially forced themselves to create another episode, which they partially disliked because it meant they'd have to write more material that concerns atheism when they felt they had done enough.For a time, the episode actually did end up feeling "preachy" because too many ideas and statements were present.To rectify this, large portions of the episodes that more reflected Parker and Stone's personal opinions were removed and replaced with less serious material.The decision to do an episode with the theme of atheism was finalized when Penn Jillette emailed Parker and Stone expressing his disappointment in finding out that they are not atheists themselves.Parker and Stone's religion was questioned in an interview, which prompted Jillette's email.

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