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According to , the One Direction kisses occurred during two of the band’s last big gigs.

Ever since Will told Thalia we were having dinner with the guys, Thalia dragged me to the mall, and now she's talking like..well, that!

Most popular Harry: A top heavy fan has worked her way through three One Direction members including Style, (pictured in Adelaide on Tuesday) Zayn and Niall before any were in relationships, it has been claimed The exact details of how the reported meetings took place is not clear since a hesitant Lachlan told the show: 'What I know I can't divulge on air,' adding: 'All I can say is that she's been with three...'He went on: 'The other night my girlfriend and I got a phone message from her saying she wasn't coming home and was staying down there [Melbourne] because the boys are going to Adelaide and they're on their way back.

A baffled Wippa quizzed his guest about how the episode began and was told: 'It started out when she got picked out by a security guard and [they] got pulled aside, got their number and were invited back to The Star.

The “Narry” kiss is something that some One Direction fans have been begging for.

finale, Liam Payne rushed up to Harry, grabbed his face, and kissed him on the cheek.

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