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Okay, maybe I could spend a bit more time in my feelings with my fingers on a keyboard.

To promote the show they used three different couples which they didn’t use in the show (what’s up with that).

Besides the toe sucking tips, what would you say to a guy to convince him to watch this show?

Now I gotta ask with the show’s whole vibe, why should our mostly male readership watch?

From newbie director, Debbie Lum, the film follows the relationship of Steven and Sandy.

Joyfully laughing throughout her quick Q&A with Hip Hop DX earlier today (January 11th), the 40-something stunner is genuinely excited for folks to check out her latest foray into reality television, . Right,” as its being billed, premiere’s tonight (January 11th) at p.m. The Viacom-owned subsidiary has become Pep’s television and publishing home since her debut for the network in 2005 as part of the celebrity cast of the fifth season of memoir via Vh1’s publishing arm trailing the conclusion of the show’s second season. DX: Now out of curiosity, your son is part of Hip Hop DX’s target demo – college age, male – so I’m curious to know what he thinks about the show, what his first impressions of it were? And that’s all I can say, like we’re just really cordial with each other. Pepa: Everybody shut her down from what I seen was on the blogs.

So we’re gonna be in Australia for a couple of weeks, like a week-and-change… DX: Is that song on the intro to your show like a whole [new] song? DX: Is Salt-n-Pepa deejay Spinderella gonna be involved with the reunion, the actual album project? I think Hurby’s [been] out of the country for a while now. Hurby’s doing some other big things in another country. Pepa: No you gotta see our show; we do “Push It” all the time.

so it’ll be good, it’ll be good for my daughter ‘cause I’m bringing her with me. Pepa: She lives in California, but she is – you know we do a lot of shows as well, we travel a lot [together]. But I love the way we added “Push It” now because Cheryl [Salt] said we’re changing the meaning – We sing the song but before we go into it we will just say that we’re pushing it for change like [for] the President, [or] we’ll say we’re pushing it to stop violence, we say we’re pushing it for our soldiers to come home, pushing it for all the single moms. DX: [Laughs] Yeah that was the original intention [of that song].

He admits that he doesn’t have much money, he’s not much to look at, and is looking for a woman on the submissive side.

While on Asian Friend finder he scrolls through pictures of available women in China and exclaims, “They are all so beautful!

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