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So once again, I'm sorry to burst your bubble (and everyone else's). And beware--I've seen E-Bay dealers trying to pass it off as genuine (and autographed no less! Yet that's what the FD based his decision on in his emails to me. The only source that ever said it was a fake was by the Fake Detective.

This might be a composite photo that drew upon several sources as to not look like an obvious fake, with airbrushing taking care of the rest of the details. I've seen tens of thousands of fakes of virtually every celebrity you could name and although there are some truly realistic ones out there, I can always tell a fake from a genuine photo. I've seen this pic at just about every fake site I've been to or belonged to, assuming the site had Lynda Carter section.

In other words, a lot of people--people that wouldn't necessarily do it commonly, or even again at all--were taking their clothes off at nudist colonies, nude beaches, in their backyards, in the movies, in magazines, etc.

It was liberating, or at least considered liberating at the time, especially for women.

I seriously doubt that [email protected] ever spends the time and money on a photoshoot without retaining all publishing rights.

Asuming it is a [email protected] photo, how did anyone get a hold of a copy of the negative to make prints from without having their asses sued off by Hefner & Co.?

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