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Some of the firefighters heard the order and were able to escape.Others refused to leave because they were helping injured civilians or fellow firefighters.It got so bad that Dowd says he heard at least one fire lieutenant call 911—instead of using his own radio system—to report that a firefighter was in cardiac arrest and needed immediate help.

“For everything from computers in the car to fingerprints in the field, we are slaves to the carriers,” says Chris Moore, the former police chief of San Jose, California. There are many stories where public safety is being throttled off the network or just can’t get access to the network when we need it the most.”The solution—or at least a partial solution—to these problems is something that public-safety officials have been calling for since the 1990s: a nationwide cellular network dedicated to public safety, one that wouldn’t become overloaded by commercial users in emergencies.(Chris Graythen/Getty Images) Nor, crucially, do these radios have mobile Internet access—which can serve any number of key functions, from allowing firefighters to download floor plans of burning buildings, to helping E. doctors plan surgeries by examining patients through an ambulance video feed, to giving police officers instant access to vital statistics in the field.As then–New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly noted at a congressional hearing in 2011: “A 16-year-old with a smartphone has a more advanced communications capability than a police officer or deputy carrying a radio.”To be sure, in many jurisdictions first responders use commercial smartphones.And not only could firefighters and police not hear each other; due to technical problems that day, the Fire Department radios, in particular, had very limited range.“As soon as they went five or ten floors up in the buildings, they couldn’t talk to each other,” recalls Chuck Dowd, who was the head of New York’s 911 call center.

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  1. According to a report from , the dramatic incident took place on October 12, when a father placed a 911 call from a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Granbury.