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And they know how to start slow, with a nice cup of Italian espresso or a long walk on some historic street.

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In the week following the airing of the documentary, Look Different's Twitter following grew by nearly 15 percent while Look Different's Tumblr following increased by roughly 80 percent.

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Eureka Skydeck 88 is one of the world's tallest buildings and at a breathtaking height of 975 feet your date will be wowed by the dazzling Melbourne views from way above. Only one way to find out, by daring each other to go out to 'the edge' - a glass floor at your feet that brings a feeling of nothingness in between you and the Melbourne streets.

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The casual kind are becoming very popular for a reason… You might want to even pick girls up on Facebook if you’re into the “normal” dating side of things.

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I didn’t go the “unhealthy relationships” route; I didn’t get close to choosing the wrong man! Now, I’ve been happily married for almost six years to a great guy. I would like to know how I can learn to be happy being alone and how to have my guard up next time. To successfully set your intention for your future, you need to stop focusing on the reasons why you keep choosing the wrong men.